Most important information about our sale policy

Polish boat market is to small for establishing dealer network threw whole country. This makes our job very hard and expensive due to traveling threw country. Our solution for this is offering our boats to customers in much better prices – dealer prices - with restricted guarantee and sale service from us. You will find explanation of all it below.



Few words about the pricing

To check our prices please visit our pricelists on Prices in brackets next to boat model or engines are catalogue prices of these products on the European market. Our prices with included discount are listed directly in pricelists and they are almost 18% lower than standard market prices. We can offer such a low prices to you thanks to limiting our service with boat transports, guarantee service and extra services witch other dealers offer in boat price. Please check further information about conditions under which we sell boats in those prices.

Our boats are offered in best price in Europe what can be checked on Internet. Please believe us that discount that we offer cover majority of our revenue. That is why we do not offer any further discounts from those prices.



In our system of sale we offer guarantee service only in our facilities. We do not go to customers for service, guarantee repairs or for mounting additional equipment.

Guarantee repairs can be made in our place of business or in any other boat service next to boat location. Under our guarantee responsibility we provide new parts for replacement if they are needed and we pay for labor (25 € without VAT per hour) in amount approved by us before the repair. Other costs of repairs are covered by boat owner (parts shipment, slip, transport, extra labor hours etc.).

Engines guarantee repairs are covered by nearest Mercury or Suzuki dealer.

To sum it up, boat guarantee works according to this scheme:

  • Sending warranty claim with complete description and photos, warranty claim must include information which parts exactly have to be replaced or repaired. We do not provide distance diagnostic.
  • When we recive claim we forward it to boat producer. After they consider a claim we will inform you which parts can be replaced for new, which will require repair and how many hours of labor are accepted for this claim.
  • We order and send all needed parts directly to you or boat service which will do the repair.
  • After repairs are made and confirmed by sending description and photos to us we pay for agreed labor hours directly to boat service.

This applies to all basic and medium advanced repairs. More serious repairs are made by boatyard team or directly in boatyard in some situations.



Our services included in basic boat price is limited to singing the contract and manage ordering process. Boat delivery is not included in base boat price.

Things like: boat insurance, boat registration, buying and setting up a trailer, trailer registration, boat stickers, selection of safety and mooring equipment (anchor, lines and fenders), selection of LPG bottle and batteries and all other similar things are duty of boat owner. Do not supply any of those and do not help with choosing it.

On our behalf is still advising in choosing boat and optional equipment and presenting our products in our localization, boatyards or on foreign boatshows. We do not attend Polish boatshows.



Boats can be picked up in few ways:

  • Picking up boat directly from boatyard – boat is without engine and it have to be ordered and mounted separately.
  • Picking up boat from our facilities – boat is with mounted engine and checked pice by pice by us. We also offer training in boat use in price (depending on the boat – from 1 to 4 hours).
  • Picking up boat from Suzuki dealer – boat is with mounted engine, of course Suzuki only. Mounting engine is possible on Mazury and in Wroclaw, for mounting engine at other Suzuki dealer or for costs of boat transport to dealer please contact us.

There are no extra costs of picking up the boat from boatyard. Costs for picking up the boat from our facilities is given in price lists. For picking up the boat from Suzuki dealer please contact us.



Due to our sale police we do not stock boats. All boats are ordered for exact customer configuration. To pick up your boat before season start or at it beginning, orders have to be placed with proper advance. For each boat it is different:

  • 755 Weekend, 905 Weekend, 905 Pilothouse, 875 Sundeck, 675 Weekend – it is best to place the order before end of August or to half of September
  • 805 Cruiser, 755 Cruiser, 805 Sundeck – orders made before until end of September or half of October should be still on the start of season
  • 675 Cruiser, 755 Sundeck, 675 Sundeck, 675 Pilothouse – we will probably have free slots until end of September
  • For other boats we usually have free slots until end of January. Be sure to order your boat with proper advance and do not miss the opportunity.

We do not give further discounts from our prices. They are final. For placing an order please visit and save configuration of the boat with “Zapisz cennik” button or just do the print screen of it and send it to us by email. We will prepare all additional costs of transport, sale contract and all others documents and send it to you for signing. We order your boat and engine when we receive signed documents. Than we send you confirmation of order and bank datils for advance payment.